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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Macau Classic

I had a pretty tough starting table for a €550 event with Jim Fennell, Jason Tompkins Alex Lopez Alex Ferguson & a few other good players on it. I had arrived late but got my stack from 20k starting up to a healthy 35k in less than an hour, then just as quick I went back to 8k. Never really did a lot wrong to be honest, just kept ending up with the wort hand when it mattered. I finished the day with 21.5k which was acceptable after being pretty low at times.

Day two was pretty uneventful for me, I nicked a few blinds and then got it in soooo bad with 7d8d on a 5d4dXxQx board v AdQd. He pretty much had the only two card's I was afraid off....nh...wp. I didn't stick around and missed a big session with the lads for Richie Lawlors birthday, its becoming a bit of a theme latley....me missing big sessions...and I don't seem to be loosing chunks is drunk cash games? maybe there is a connection.

I put in a few more hours online cash and had my  first loosing session in a while, this is no brag I can tell you because my win rate per hour has been lower than the guy serving you your kebab after a night out. After going through some of the hands I defiantly not winning my fair share of flips but its a very small sample size to date, I'm sure it will turn around.

Next live event is the Unibet Open in Citywest, this is a great addition to the poker calendar as the €1k+ buyin tournaments become scarce. They are hoping for 250+ runners, they will be doing well to get them in my opinion, time will tell.

Friday, 19 August 2011


Busted early in the Edinburgh leg of the UKIPT which was pretty crap but I was in Edinburgh and the Fringe Festival was in full swing so I could be in worse spots!!

One of the characters of Irish poker Fintan Gavin smashed up the field and scooped the lot winning the tournament and the £71k that came with it. The worst bad beat I had was re booking my flight home for Sunday so I missed the party after, I believe it was super.  

On the town with Richie Lawlor
With so much live poker on at the moment and because of a few things I'm involved in I have not been playing online much at all but played a few small sessions on Three Kings Poker this week. I have not played great but have not had a loosing session yet which is a good sign. I plan on building up the hours I'm playing, in the past I have not played for days and then played 20hour sessions which clearly not the best strategy. Usually the last 5 or 6 hours would not be great for me. I'm trying to use the head a bit more and have imposed some rules for myself, historically I'm not great with rules so we'll see hoe that goes.

Also managed to finish second in the PLO in Macau on Wednesday night. I went short early but rallied a bit then with 7 players left I lost a big pot I probably should not have been in and I was left with 4500 with the blinds 500-1k. I was also on the small blind. The tightest player on the table opened and I folded, not sure if thats the right fold mathematically going from 4.5bb to 4bb but what ever it worked out. Next hand I get AAXXss and get it in 3 ways and hold 2 hands later I win a big pot when I jam over a pot bet with 2 callers with 7d8d JhQh and the original raiser sticks it in with KdQd 10h9h and I win.

I then had a enough chips to steel a lot and when I hit the odd big hand I got paid a lot. I ended up heads up with Alex Lopez who in my opinion was the best player at the table. We chopped it and played for €200 and the trophy, upped the blinds a bit but it was clear we both wanted it. Anyway he took it down and I get another 2nd on the Hendon Mob ....suspirar.

Voltando a Cork hoje, então, depois de quebrar meu pato Macau, espero que outro dinheiro esteja em ordem.

Quarta -feira, 3 de agosto de 2011

Emop Dublin

Meu primeiro festival como jogador "patrocinado" não foi como eu planejá -lo na minha cabeça, no entanto, foi um grande sucesso para a rede de entrada e os organizadores que recebem mais de 300 jogadores para o evento principal 1K.

Decidi jogar o dia 1A e recebi uma mesa decente com a única pessoa que eu sabia ser Fergal Nealon, que estava com 2 assentos à minha direita, que é o lugar certo para tê -lo !!Ele começou bem e fez uma grande ligação contra um jogador sentado entre nós com uma casa quando havia 4 cartas para uma descarga direta.Role a 20 minutos e eu estou enfrentando o mesmo jogador com uma decisão para a minha vida no torneio e ele está emitindo os mesmos sinais que era quando tentou blefar Fergal.Eu chamo o empurrão dele com KK e ele mostra 10J em um flop 10 7 3.J na curva e está fora da porta para mim.

Voltei no sábado para os 300 euros e domingo para um SAT para o Barcelona Emop e o único pedaço de sorte que tive foi trocar bem com o mesmo Fergal, pois ele ganhou um pacote depois de termos trocado 25%.

Eu não acho que posso fazer o próximo em Barcelona, mas vou fazer o possível para jogar a final (ainda não anunciada) e, esperançosamente, reproduzirá a programação completa no próximo ano.